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Special Options

* Special Suspended Service Option … if you plan to be away for at least 3 months.

This service is only available for seniors or part-time residents subscribed to the Special Senior/Summer Plan.

Thanks to our town-wide survey results, many of you indicated that you would appreciate having a more flexible subscription plan. If you plan to be away for at least 3 months, you may suspend your service at the current package, without expensive disconnect and reconnect fees.

Simply send us an email at jon.hardie (at) royalston-ma (dot) gov with the suspension date and restore dates, and your connection will be reduced to 1Mbps for the period of at least 3 months that you specify. The CPE is kept in ‘low power mode’ to allow for network health checks, software updates, and maintenance.

The Suspended service rate is based on a minimum of 3 months, at $10 per any portion of a month, payable in advance, for the period of suspension. When you return, you can either send us an email, or we will restore service on the date specified. In order for service to be restored, at least one month of the subscription price of your normal preferred package, must be paid in advance, prior to the restoration date specified. Any credit for an unused prepaid month will be applied to the month you return.

During suspended service, you will continue to get regular monthly email invoices from us, indicating your subscription status. You will receive a reminder email 30 days in advance of your return date, that the first month’s prepayment (that you can complete electronically online) is due prior to restoring full service at the specified package rate.