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RoyalstonNet Broadband Packages 

When you have been notified that service is available in your neighborhood, you will be asked to select your preferred level of service from the options below.  

If you have not already done so, please PRE-REGISTER now by selecting the Pre-Register option on the right.

  1. Click the Blue button with your selection
  2. This will take you to the sign up page
  3. Complete the sign up form and we will set up your account
  4. Once your account is set up we will send you a confirmation email and invoice to begin service

    PLEASE NOTE:  Billing is monthly.  Monthly Rate Options are shown below.

Special Senior & Summer
5 Mbps Down & 5 Mbps Up
Great Basic One Year
Up to 10 Down
5 Up
100% Faster
Great Basic Two Year
Up to 10 Down
5 Up
100% Faster
Hi-Speed One Year
Up to 15 Down
10 Up
200% Faster
Hi-Speed Two Year
Up to 15 Down 10 Up
200% Faster
Ultra Speed One year
Up to 25 Down 10 Up
400% Faster
Ultra Speed Two Year
Up to 25 Down 10 Up
400% Faster
Pre-Register to ensure you're on the build-out map

There are are No Taxes, Data Caps, or Data penalties on any of our packages.

A One Year Full or Two Year Discounted Contract is required. Early termination will result in a charge of $200.00. This fee will be reduced by $10.00 for each month of service, after the first 2 months. The One Year Subscription and the Discounted 2 Year Subscription are to be paid monthly in advance. You must renew your subscription within 30 days prior to expiration. You may also arrange for automatic recurring monthly payments by logging into your account.  A two year discounted subscription is not available at the Special Senior / Summer Subscription rate.

  • Free Help Desk Service (8am-9pm) with advanced remote diagnostics and customer assistance.
  • How do I receive my monthly subscription invoice, and pay it online? We make it easy for you.Your monthly billing for your broadband service will be via an electronic email invoice. Payment may be made online, directly from the invoice through your personal secure online account.            

Advantages of making your payments through this new portal:

  • You can pay by ACH transfer (electronic check or debit card – free) or credit card (additional fees apply)
  • You can log in and set up automatic monthly recurring payments
  • You can set up email reminders for paying your bill
  • You can look at your payment and invoice history
  • Its available online to you 24/7
  • By using this portal you are helping to keep the costs of this service as low as possible.
  • Your payments are secure!
  • You can help save a couple trees, and reduce paperwork!
  • Payments may be made at the Whitney Hall Tax Office during regular hours via debit or credit card.
  • Please keep your email contact updated, to insure that you receive your invoices on a timely basis.