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Home Owner Easement

Complete and return the Home Owner Easement form. 


Print this form: RoyalstonMLPEasementForm 



I/we hereby give permission to the Town of Royalston Municipal Light Plant Broadband Utility Network (RMLP) and their authorized Network Operator or agents, to enter upon my property to install a CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) terminal/antenna on the exterior of my home, in an optimum location, to connect my house to the RMLPBN (Royalston MLP Broadband Network). This permission grants pre-arranged access, as needed, for pre on-site or remote testing, installation, and maintenance of the network connection at the CPE.

This Right of Entry, is not a contract for internet services. The purpose of this to allow testing and installation of an appropriate CPE on the outside of my home to receive the best high speed wireless signal, to plug it to my home’s electrical system, to bring in an Ethernet and/or phone cable inside my home, and after installation, allow the RMLP, its designated network operator to enter onto the property to test, inspect, maintain, and repair the connection as needed. I will provide my own RMLP recommended wireless router, or purchase one from the network operator.

I understand the RMLP will own the associated exterior equipment/interior connector. The network operator will be responsible for its physical maintenance & CPE replacement. My own wireless router inside my home is my responsibility.


OR Complete Online Form Here



am the owner of the property located at:

(From tax bill) eg.. 255/001.0-0001-0001.0

Best number to reach you for service

I Have Read and Agree to the Easement Conditions Listed Above.



This RMLP, Access Form 1, Homeowner Easement and Right of Access, must be completed, signed and dated by the homeowner. Renters may subscribe to third party services, but only the homeowner has authority to sign Form 1.

Note: Your address information, together with parcel map and lot numbers is required. The parcel and lot number can be found on your Royalston property tax bill.  Please copy this information exactly as printed on the tax bill  and after the word “Identification:” beginning with the 255. Here is an example of a complete parcel and lot number: 255/097.0-0154-0000.0   Map&LotIDTaxBill

This form Does Not affect your tax bill in any way. It simply indicates your serious interest in getting town high speed internet service, and enables us to get accurate engineering data on the best receiver location. It also is very important in demonstrating to MBI, in our final grant, just how many folks are serious about getting internet.




Royalston Town Meeting created the Royalston Municipal Light Plant Broadband Utility [RMLP] to run a local high speed broadband network, and connect Royalston to the MBI (Massachusetts Broadband Institute) Middle Mile 123 Network.

The Town, acting through the MLP, will own and run the Royalston MLP Broadband Utility Network, and will contract with third parties to maintain and operate the network. The MLP will contract with third parties to offer Internet and telephone services to subscribers. This document provides the MLP with a standard homeowner agreement for right of entry and easement, comparable to what is provided to electric utilities.

This allows the MLP to pre-test, install, and maintain a CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) Network Terminal, in an optimum location on the outside of the premises, to connect to the Royalston MLP Broadband Utility Network. The attached exterior CPE network receiver and router, and the attached internal small control box belongs to the Royalston MLP Broadband Utility Network, and is comparable to the electric utility’s ownership of the power line and electric meter on the outside of your home. The form provides for the RMLP and/or its network operator to access the premises to test and maintain the terminal, network connection and other utility equipment.

 If you have questions about this form, call Jon Hardie, The Royalston Municipal light Plant Manager at 978 790 8474. Or email Jon Hardie at jon.hardie (at) royalston-ma (dot) gov

Please call if you have any questions. This form is very important in supporting our town-wide broadband network grant application – to begin construction next year. Thank You!