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Customer Support for Residential Equipment

There are 2 parts to your Royalston Internet connection: Our Stuff and Your Stuff.

First, the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) owned by the RMLPBU, includes the outside antenna/radio, a router mounted on the radio, mounting hardware, and the small oblong black box inside the house. This box is powered from an outlet inside your home, and is also plugged into your own house-wide Wi-Fi Router (below). All these parts of the CPE are owned and maintained by the RMLPBUS. If it breaks, we will promptly fix or replace it.

Second, your own secure personal Wi-Fi Router. In order to wirelessly connect your smart phones, tablets, laptops, or computers throughout your home, you will need to purchase a Wi-Fi router. These devices are available at any electronics store and provide your house with a strong house-wide Wi-Fi signal. A Wi-Fi router usually has a limited number of plugs to also allow wired computers to connect with a cable. Be sure to follow your router manufacturer’s instructions, and use WPA2 security to encrypt the signal of your Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi router is owned and maintained by you. However, setup and troubleshooting can sometimes be a challenge. Please give us a call at 978-790-8474 (Jon’s cell between 8 am and 9 pm), and we’ll help get you up and running with your own router, laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones and printers.

Network Customer Support

If there are network issues, we can easily provide remote diagnostics to the CPE Router mounted outside your house. We can test and reset the CPE to determine if it is working properly. NOTE: It is very important to leave the black box plugged in and turned on, so that we can upgrade software, do diagnostics, and change service. It uses very little power. Be sure not to plug the black box into a switched wall outlet connected to a lamp, or you may unintentionally turn off your internet connection.

How can I check to see if it’s the network, or my router, that’s the problem?

First, make sure the little black box is plugged into an outlet or power strip, and the power is on to the box.

Second, Reboot! Turn off your own Wi-Fi router for 30 seconds, then turn it back on. Reboot all your other attached smartphones, tablets, and computers. Most of the time, this will re-establish the link to the network. If the problem persists, continue with the following steps.

Third, Using your phone, laptop, or tablet, go directly to the black box, and connect to the available wireless network address (SSID) that usually contains your last name. You can also connect some laptops and computers directly at the LAN port, with a plug-in Ethernet cable. Once connected, open a browser window and go to

If you CAN NOT connect to Google, when wirelessly or plugged-in directly to the little black box, it may be the network. Please call Network Tech Support to do remote diagnostics, at 978-790-8474.

If you CAN log into Google from the black box, but can’t connect through your router, then the network is up and running, and the problem is likely to be with your own router. First try rebooting the router as above.

 If you need help with your own router…please call Jon Hardie at RMLPBU Home Tech Support at 978 790 8474.

 Power Outages. Our high speed wireless network has several levels of battery back-up that will allow our internet network to function several hours after a power outage. However, if the CPE plugged into your outlet loses power, you will lose your ability to connect to the internet. We strongly recommend that you invest in a 500 to 750 watt APC Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), and only plug in the black box & hand held phone base. That will act as a battery back-up for your internet connection. Visit for tips.